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How is Trauma Informed Yoga and Ayurvedic Self Care relevant to You?

Unresolved trauma underlies every act of violence, and other societal malady, like disease.
Are mass shootings due to poor gun regulation, or is it a mental health issue?
Do you think all the people devastated by natural disasters go on to have normal lives?
What about all the race-related tension in the world today?
Is government going to solve all these issues? Likely not.
What can you do to make sure you are contributing to a more peaceful world?

Trauma is carried in our DNA for Seven Generations. A mouse exposed to rose essential oil and simultaneously shocked somehow communicated (?) with its next seven generations to stay away from rose essential oil. We know we are a nation founded on violence, now what are we going to do about it?

We need Trauma Informed Yoga and Self Care practices integrated into traditional Mental Health services, to stop people from falling through the cracks!

Since I started this work, there has been a hopeful wave of interest in Trauma Informed Yoga. But not all Trauma Informed Yoga is the same. Unfortunately, many trainings suggest only an active form of yoga, like vinyasa. Some only teach Kundalini. Ultimately, whatever form a person will drawn to is what is best for them. But to meet the masses where they are requires more accessibility. There is much benefit for people stuck in fight or flight to gain from Restorative yoga. And so much more from Ayurvedic Self Care!

“Schuyler’s teaching is accessible and relevant for all yoga teachers, caregivers, educators and parents- an absolute must for all of us!”

Sabine Borchers, graduate of 200 hour Trauma Informed Training

Though we all see the symptoms of trauma, we don’t always see the underlying reasons. Every one of us has experienced overwhelming moments when everything seemed different afterwards. Perhaps we had no way to make sense of it, and because we don’t have a file folder in our minds containing similar experiences, the imprint simply remains in our tissues. Trauma often causes a backup, where more and more overwhelming, undigested experiences pile up, and circulate over and over, usually around anniversaries. While we may feel isolated by this experience, and seek to identify how or why we might have caused this pain, unless we’re enlightened, every one of us seeks to blame someone. If we blame ourselves, we pick up a self-destructive substance or behavior, from negative thinking to full blown addiction. If we blame others, our violence turns outward as we burn bridges, one after another. We may have a deep psychological belief that we don’t deserve to feel better, which likely originated from a trauma, or traumatic attachment relationship early in life. This needs to be uprooted, but will likely take a hard bottom to be open to change. And when people are ready to consider a new way of doing things, until more therapies are available that support complete, lasting recovery, people will continue falling between the cracks….people won’t find the support they need, physical and mental health and resilience may remain elusive, and we will continue to see violence and disease surge.

SO what can we do about it? Let’s start where we are- who are you? Your story and how you lived through your darkest days may shed light on someone’s path…. Are you a caregiver, an educator, a yoga teacher, a mental health worker, an organization seeking support for your staff or just lightly interested? You’ve read this far. Check out our classes, training, consultations or direct services pages. Or read our blog and feel free to comment, there’s something for you here!

Our Classes

⟶ Best Practices in Self Care – Why Wait for New Years?
⟶ Caring for the Caregivers
⟶ Yogic Activism
⟶ Assessment using the Gunas
⟶ Yoga for Survivors

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If you know about yoga’s ability to heal, do you know about yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, and how it can support healing trauma?
If you teach yoga, do you feel you lack tools to direct your students to when they are ready to make change in their lives?

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