Speaking Engagements

Schuyler explains trauma and introduces mindfulness practice in a way that is accessible for a wide audience, including those without prior knowledge of the subject. She allows time for students to tune into themselves and reset if needed by integrating humor, stories, and deep breaths throughout her training. Students walk away from Schuyler’s trainings with a toolbox of easy to implement self-care practices. I really liked her mindfulness labeling practice; with our busy and defining minds the labeling practice felt natural and was very helpful in reaching a more mindful/meditative state.

~ Lucia Stewart, Training Coordinator, Sierra Nevada Children’s Services

If your organization works with populations of people who have been traumatized, grown up with poverty or around violence and addiction, and/ or struggle with anxiety and depression, there is a solution that has been around for thousands of years, but only recently made it into evidence based “best practices’ in Western medicine. Yoga and its sister science of health, Ayurveda, can help bring mindfulness to the body’s issues in a gentle way and recovery from trauma, without being retraumatized by talking about the story. I can deliver a one to three hour presentation with a Powerpoint and a short yoga practice. The yoga will be accessible to everyone who can sit in a chair and stand up. Those who can lay down are welcome to for the final relaxation, but it is not necessary. Your staff will leave with a better understanding of how these practices can support your clients, and perhaps be inspired to take a training and offer these services directly!

Schuyler was attentive to my questions and my outline for the class I was preparing. She replied to me in a timely manner and was willing to adjust to my schedule. When Schuyler instructed the class, she was relatable and knowledgeable. My clients and I appreciated her enthusiasm for healing and the information she gave us to practice healing on a regular basis. Overall, the class was beneficial, fun and relaxing. We recommend Schuyler’s classes to anyone healing from trauma or anyone who wants to know how to treat your body, mind and soul with rest and respect.

~ Morgan Welty, Case Manager, Nevada County, Superintendent of Schools

Skyler Bright did an exceptional service for our organization covering how trauma is held in the body and how yoga can help to release this trauma. She was organized and thorough as she talked us through a series of important yoga poses to help trauma survivors. While providing us with excellent education and resources, she also gave us a relaxing and uplifting yoga class. I highly recommend this information.

~ Birdsong L. Sundstrom, MA, Supervisor, Foothills & Truckee Healthy Babies