About Schuyler Bright

Schuyler Bright, MSW Intern, C-IAYT, CAS, PKS, CMT, RYT has taught Trauma Informed Yoga, Mindful Movement, Mindfulness, and Ayurvedic Self-Care to thousands of students over 20 years, from yoga studios to teacher trainings, inmates to wards of the court, homeless to womens’ shelters, county Drug Court clients to mental health professionals. She has studied over 3500 hours in yoga, massage, and Ayurvedic Health Care over 10 years, and is currently completing her Master in Social Work degree through University of Denver, and internship at Sierra County Behavioral Health. Schuyler taught several Yoga for Trauma Recovery Teacher Trainings since 2014, including a section on Trauma Informed Ayurveda. She began teaching yoga at the Chopra Center then opened Yoganic Studio in San Diego, which was voted 5th best studio in the KGTV 2007 A List. When she graduates, she hopes to offer Trauma Informed Ayurveda trainings in Ayurveda schools around the country, Trauma Informed Mindful Movement trainings for mental and behavioral health professionals and academia and continue an integrated approach in private practice and Behavioral Health.

She has been published in Consumers Health Digest, Everyday Ayurveda, and The Union newspaper. She has led or taught in four Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings, of which her Yoga for Trauma Recovery Institute is a Registered School (RYS). She is a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance and National Ayurvedic Medicine Association, and is certified as a Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) by International Association of Yoga Therapists.

She has presented at National Ayurvedic Medical Association and Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association conferences, as well as the Accessible Yoga Conference.

She has two beautiful children, loves to swim in the river, soak in hot springs, and ski with her kids, in addition to sharing her inspiration, knowledge, and heart with her students and clients.

Hi Skyler, I had the opportunity to see your presentation at the Accessible Yoga Conference and everything you shared resonated deeply with me. I have been teaching yoga in non-traditional settings with under-served populations since 2014 and I’m in my eighth (and last!) year as a social worker. I have finally found enough stability in my life that I can continue to pursue my own healing and I am making the transition towards teaching yoga full-time. I appreciated that your work has empowered you to work within systemic infrastructure to offer yoga and I am trying to follow a similar path. Thus, I am interested in learning all of the details around your 50 hr. training. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you for all you’re doing. You give me a lot of hope and belief that addressing trauma will lead us all into the light.

~ Delphina

Before attending Yoga for Trauma Recovery and Addiction, I had personal patterns which hindered my emotional and spiritual growth. With education and daily yoga practice, I have been able to open channels to my psyche and my body which have allowed for deeper healing and amazing connection with my higher self. My willingness to heal myself through yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques and positive affirmations has made great changes possible in a short period of time. Learning how the brain reacts to traumatic experiences supported this transformative healing.

Within our community there are many sweet spirits suffering from trauma, much of the time going unnoticed. Other times painfully undeniable. Trauma is real and without active treatment, trauma may manifest in many forms. Shining light into the dark corners of our experiences allows us to see them clearly, acknowledge them and no longer be held captive by them. Since becoming actively involved in Trauma Recovery, I have experienced great healing and have been approached by many in the community who relate their traumas and I have hope that they too can be healed by an active yoga program and may begin this healing by beginning one of Schuyler’s in depth study programs of Yoga for Healing Trauma. I am so appreciative and thankful for having been blessed by this class.

~ Ty Brendan

I look forward to watching the evolution of Schuyler’s class series. She has much useful information to share with her students. It is so important to find just the right balance to allow the gradual titration needed to help move students in and out of feelings of anxiety during the class series.

I was touched by the natural bonding and loving support that each person offered week after week, during the class series. It was a great help in creating the safe container in which we could all open ourselves to processing our own traumas from life. Each person who shared challenges from his or her own life was immediately met by the compassion and empathy of all the others. This protective friendship helped create a family feeling that helped us all feel more comfortable sharing our thoughts and feelings with the group.It has been so valuable to learn ​how common it is for people to carry trauma trapped in their bodies, sometimes for decades, and to understand the process and now to be given some useful tools needed to address it when it shows up in life–whether it be my life or the lives of friends and loved ones. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

~ Saraswati, 2014 graduate