Following is a listing of our classes. Unless otherwise indicated, please contact Skyler for all inquiries regarding participation.

Caring for the Caregivers: Yoga Therapy for Vicarious Trauma

Who is this for: Caregivers of ALL kinds: Mental Health professionals/ Social workers, Educators, Parents, Emergency Responders- EMTs, Ambulance Staff, Nurses & Doctors!

Why: Compassion Fatigue can make you not want to go to work, hear about your client’s problems, has long term health consequences, and can lead to burnout if left untreated. Especially because emergency responders who are constantly engaged with members of the public who are experiencing traumatic stress, there is sadly a 25% reported rate of suicidal thoughts among emergency responders nationwide.

This class is one small dose of care, in hopes these tools will be integrated into your daily routine, to balance the tidal wave of vicarious trauma you are exposed to daily. Ultimately, it allows for better physical and mental health, compassionate focus and improved client experience.

What: Breathing techniques, stretching & strengthening exercises, and sensory self care techniques such as sound and aromatherapy to help balance various symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.

When: Wednesdays in March 2020, 11am live, recorded to watch at your convenience

3/4: Tools to balance Anxiety and Insomnia

3/11: Depression and Chronic Fatigue

3/18: Joint Pain

3/25: Maladaptive Coping techniques: Substance Use and other Behavioral Addictions

Where: Online Zoom webinar

Cost: $15/ class, or $50 for 4

To register:
Click Here for all 4 classes: $50
Or for just one class: $15

Ayurvedic Self Care for Trauma Recovery

Who: Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Educators, Yoga Teachers, but especially Ayurvedic Practitioners!

Anyone interested in how Self Care is the missing link in treating trauma

Why: Unresolved trauma underscores nearly every societal malady, from suicide to mass shootings, to cancer and autoimmune disease. Digestion plays a huge role in metabolizing long stored trauma. Learn how balancing digestion supports the digestion of overwhelming experiences that could otherwise result in trauma and how removing the AMA (undigested material) from TR-A-U-MA reveals the TRU-TH of your essence and lets you shine! 

After this workshop, you will know:

  • How Ayurveda can help your students & clients,.
  • How new brain science links directly to Ayurvedic theory & how it can be applied generally,.
  • Five ways to build sensory mindfulness, for your own practice, or to integrate into a class or appointment with a client.

When: April 10, 11-2pm

To register: $67 until April 5: Click here to register $108 after 4/5

Yogic Activism: Meeting People Where They Are to Bring Yoga out of the Studio, into the World!

Who: Yoga professionals who don’t feel solid in the skills and knowledge for a yoga class in a specialized setting, like at an at-risk youth program, jail, or recovery program, or to people with anxiety, depression or eating disorders?

Why: Teaching in a studio is great because you know people who come want to be there. But with so many studios and teachers, you may struggle to find your people. And there are so many people who have no idea how much better they could feel if they tried some breathing and stretching, especially people with trauma and injuries. But you can’t just teach sun salutations- you need to be versed in chair and restorative yoga, and cultivate empathy in such a way that you can tune in to their injuries inside and out, and do your best to not step on their trigger. Without a degree in mental health, we have a limited scope of practice, but we can gain sensitivity to assist mental health professionals to help our students feel more safety in their bodies, plant seeds of self care, and make the path to healing a little less overwhelming.

When: May 14, 2020

Where: online Zoom webinar

To register: Click here

40 Day Transformational Self Care Challenge

Description: They say it takes 40 days to make or break a challenge- do you think you can make one change for 40 days?

In this challenge, you can choose to build a Self Care practice cumulatively if you have the time or try each different idea separately each day for those 2 minutes and see what you like or what works…

If you continue building success upon success with one change you like each week, you may find more infinite potential unlocked with you than you ever thought possible.

I will be available following the 40 days for support or consultation if you wish to discover more individualized recommendations and further your commitment to your highest Self in alignment with Spirit.

If you wish to join this challenge, it’s an easy dollar a day!

When: Anytime you want to start!

Where: Click Here to Register

Foundations of Trauma Informed Yoga: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going


  • Are you interested in understanding your own trauma better?
  • Are you a caregiver, educator, or Mental Health professional who is interested in supporting your clients to heal in a more lasting, complete way?
  • Do you know about the Polyvagal Theory, why Vagal Tone is important?
  • Are you a yoga teacher interested in a Trauma Informed certification?  This is the first prerequisite.


Why: After this weekend, you will :

  • Know why the body is the missing link in how the West has treated trauma in the past.
  • Be able to look at someone’s posture and be able to identify which nervous system is most active and what kind of asana sequence would be most beneficial.
  • Know why the Polyvagal Theory is important to know, especially for Yoga Professionals, and how it can help guide a class.
When: Anytime you want to watch!

Where: online Zoom webinar

Cost: $108
Discounted to $97 Click here

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8 Ways to Compassion Resilience
FREE Webinar!

Description: If you are a caregiver or educator, this is for you! Learn proven techniques to deescalate and represence and help others do the same when we get triggered. Learn a few ideas to build up our foundation so we don’t get triggered as often and let more roll off our backs!

Click here to watch

When: Anytime you want!

Where: click here to watch

Cost: Free

Simple Steps to Build Resilience

Description: No matter when you watch this, it’s a short pitch for a great year starting today, with a digestible amount of information and ideas to help you be centered in your Self build resilience- keep your cool, and reset rapidly when someone pushes your buttons! Integrate what you can and get back to your day.

Click here to watch

When: Anytime you want!

Where: click here to watch

Cost: Free

Using Attachment Theory to Discover Your Path to Healing

  • Are you a yoga teacher who offers private lessons and wishes to design the most supportive and healing practice for your clients/ students?
  • Are you a Yoga Therapist or Ayurvedic Practitioner who is unfamiliar with Attachment Theory and how it could help your practice?
  • Are you a TRE practitioner who may not know if it is time to introduce trauma release exercises for a client or how to build up their foundation to prepare them?

Why : After this class, you will :

  • Be familiar with a set of questions to ask with tact to determine if your client is ready for opening Pandora’s trauma box, and have solid enough self-care practices established to withstand the turbulence that comes with that.
  • Know why and how mindful movement can support procedural re-learning.
  • Know why it is important to have processed some trauma before having kids!
Who: This class is a great investment for Yoga Teachers, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Mental Health Professionals & Healers from all walks of life — Open to everyone!

When : second Wednesday of July 2020

Where: online Zoom webinar

To register: Click here