Trauma Informed Yoga & Ayurveda for Professionals

  • If you know about yoga’s ability to heal, do you know about yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, and how it can support healing trauma?
  • If you teach yoga, do you feel you lack tools to direct your students to when they are ready to make change in their lives?
  • If you are an Ayurvedic Practitioner, do you notice that some of your clients have self-destructive habits that are difficult to uproot? Trauma may be the cause….
  • Do you need Continuing Education with NAMA, IAYT or Yoga Alliance? Up to 37hrs available!

After this training, you will have :

  • An expanded toolbox and deeper access to Brain, Hormone & Nervous System friendly tools to use for yourself and your clients/ students,
  • Capacity to bring benefits to groups in non-typical environments for yoga, and to clients or students who have heightened chronic PTS symptoms,
  • More sensitivity about adjustments, and better attunement to your students’ and clients’ needs,
  • Match your spark and dharma with needs in your community- be part of the Trauma Informed Wave that is coming to your schools & after school programs, recovery & correctional facilities, grief groups, or wherever you see a need!

This training will introduce new brain science, such as the Polyvagal Theory, to illuminate how yoga and other somatic therapies can support Trauma release and reduce mental suffering, as anxiety and depression. Students will receive a cursory introduction to Ayurveda and how self-care is so important in creating the ojas necessary to withstand the ripple effect of somatic trauma release practices like TRE or Neurogenic Yoga. Students will learn and have opportunities to teach the “16 Weeks to Resilience” Curriculum throughout, integrating formal mindfulness practice as taught by Jon Kabat Zinn, with Mindfulness for the Senses.

Regardless of where you will be sharing this information, we will break into dyads or triads to practice teaching each other and the group to ensure the highest integration.

If taking the training for Continuing Education credit, there will be a short quiz/ assessment on the last day.

Online classes recorded on Zoom: see classes page to register for each individually or you can get a discount registering below for whole training.

Sunday: Assessment using the Gunas: Attachment Theory & Procedural Learning in Yoga Therapy

Retreat for Yoga Teachers

Subjects covered in Retreat: Eight Steps to Integration, 16 Weeks to Resilience, Endocrine Glands, Sense/ Action Organs, Practice Teaching Activation Poses, Mindfulness, TI Principles: Creating Sacred Space, Start to End of class
Practice Teaching Restorative, Mindfulness, Ayurvedic Practices: Five-Sense Care in Daily Routines, Practice teaching Chair yoga, Review, Integrating themes-mindfulness, trauma awareness, Ayurvedic practices, Review & Final Practice Teaching

  • Please fill out the application and we’ll schedule an interview.
  • If the class is a fit for you, we can adapt the course to work for you. For example, if you are an Ayurvedic Practitioner, you do not need to take the Intro to Ayurveda.
  • At the retreats, you can purchase organic simple meals, like oatmeal for breakfast, or a local organic Mexican restaurant will provide lunch and dinner for $12/ meal. You may request a special diet, or bring your own food.
  • Lodging will be first-come, first-served. There are six beds, one is king sized, if a couple wishes to sleep there. Beds are $75/ night, the king is $150.  There is space for camping alongside the Downie River, though it will be quite chilly in October, for $25/ night. Or you can book a room at a nearby hotel, like the Carriage Inn or Riverside Inn.  Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom, though there are two showers. If you want to come with your partner, your partner will need to vacate the property during class time, though partners are welcome to join us for meals. If we fill up, you are responsible for your own lodging.
  • All hours will count towards NAMA PACE, IAYT APD credit hours and Yoga Alliance CEUs.

All videos together are prerequisites for Yoga Teachers Retreat, which will be scheduled when 10 students have completed prerequisites.  

Cost of each video: $455

Discount for all videos purchased together:  $350!  $100 OFF!!


  • 6 hrs. TI Principles
  • 7 hrs. Ayurveda, Assessment & Attachment (Ayurveds do not need to take Intro to Ayurveda)
  • 25 hr. retreat