Vision & Mission



​Imagine a world where both perpetrators and survivors of violence or trauma, who often grew up in poverty, and around addiction and violence, are given appropriate resources and opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Envision resources like mindfulness in movement, such as yoga, diet, massage and other sense therapies, to address underlying causes of addiction, such as pain and overwhelm, all offered in every city and town throughout America and the world. Using yoga and massage as a way to rediscover comfort in their bodies, we enable clients to walk through the doorway of self-confidence and self love, and open a door for all of us to inspire a culture of peace collectively.



The Institute’s mission is to provide health care institutions and professionals with educational, somatically based programs for traumatized individuals and pioneer pathways into therapeutic locations without such programs. We endeavor to cultivate relationships with policy makers to integrate these resources into the current “best practices” in Western medicine. We help connect professionals in these fields to elevate awareness and implementation of these practices in county and state programs across the country.