Mental Health Professional

  • Are you a Mental Health professional who works with clients with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, flashbacks, denial, dissociation or other psychosomatic illnesses?
  • Have you noticed some of your most traumatized clients cling to self destructive behaviors and beliefs?
  • Do you feel top down therapies like talking, meaning making, and insight seeking has limits as to how completely it can help your client recover?

You are not alone. More and more therapists are discovering that bottom up therapies like yoga, mindfulness, and other grounding somatic self care practices can complement talk therapy to be even more effective.

Current therapy has been generally limited to pharmacotherapy and narrative therapy, essentially avoiding and talking directly about the story, as the primary treatments for Post Traumatic Stress. But there is a buzz about somatic therapies because they can help a client physically discharge pent-up traumatic energy that may have been held in the body for decades. And working around the story building self care practices simultaneously makes space for processing and builds a buffer around the turbulence of the process.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost trauma pioneers and one of the original researchers with Prozac, has done three separate studies comparing yoga to pharmaceutical drugs for Post Traumatic Stress. Yoga reduced the intensity and frequency of all symptoms more than any pharmaceutical, and improved body image, which is important because the body becomes the enemy for most people who have experienced trauma.

The benefits of working somatically might inspire you to go back to school someday, or perhaps you might just want to take a shorter training to learn some basic tools to help your clients integrate the body into their healing, that won’t challenge your liability.

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